Our Mission

Green Coast Enterprises develops real estate and provides real estate services to the Southeastern United States, focusing on urban and coastal areas in need of community renewal.


Realizing that traditional real estate practices are not sufficient to meet the challenges faced by urban and coastal areas in the Southeast, we set out to reshape the approach to infrastructure development in the region. We develop to increase the durability and resilience of buildings and building systems while promoting unity and prosperity within local communities.

Additionally, there is little information concerning energy efficiency considerations specific to hot and humid climates. This is often reflected in the way buildings are maintained, leading not only to overspending on utility bills, but frequent equipment maintenance and replacement. With potentially millions of dollars of untapped savings at our fingertips, we help our clients’ bottom line while reducing their environmental footprint.


We pursue opportunities that address community needs, including social inequity and economic stagnation, and seek to foster strong relationships with tenants and neighbors. We develop partnerships with public, private, non-profit, and community organizations to further our common goals.

We pursue opportunities that advance the triple bottom line of “people, planet, and profit” striving to increase economic vitality, environmental health, and social opportunity through development. We believe that these goals go hand-in-hand and are essential to the effectiveness of our projects.

We build our team by carefully selecting employees who share a commitment to our mission and demonstrate integrity, intelligence, innovation, and impact. We help our employees reach their full potential by developing their skills and talents to the utmost.

Business Lines

GCE Development – We develop and manage residential and commercial properties that are optimized for resource efficiency, environmental resiliency, economic benefit, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

GCE Green Development – We redevelop and manage historic rental properties that are optimized for energy efficiency, clustering development in high-potential neighborhoods to catalyze economic growth and promote community renewal.

GCE Services – We provide consulting services for the built environment, optimizing the energy efficiency and environmental sustainability of new and existing residential, commercial, and institutional properties, with expertise in the hot and humid climate of the Southeast.

Green Coast Realty – We work as a traditional sales brokerage but with a twist, aiding buyer and sellers in more green transactions in the New Orleans metro area, and we also provide property management services for commercial and multi-family real estate owners.