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A Big Announcement

By Reuben Teague on 2 Apr 2010

After a lengthy and thorough vetting process, The Salvation Army announced yesterday that it will be working with five neighborhoods to build 125 energy-efficient houses targeted at homebuyers who can help rebuild community capacity. We’ve been working with TSA on this vision, and on other aspects of the EnviRenew program for over a year now, and we are thrilled that the big day has finally arrived.

We’re especially pleased about two of the selected neighborhoods. Project Home Again has long been a client of ours, and we can’t wait to get started on construction of 25 new energy-efficient homes in the St. Anthony neighborhood of Gentilly. PHA is a fabulous program that returns homeowners to New Orleans, reduces the stock of vacant and blighted properties, and builds a base of wealth for neighborhoods that were hardest hit by the levee failures following Hurricane Katrina. We’ve also worked extensively with the Broadmoor neighborhood on a variety of initiatives, and we’re looking forward to helping them attract a great mix of teachers and first responders to these houses.

By the way, if you read the article on, please ignore the posted comments. The folks who spend all day trolling that site rarely have anything positive to say about anything, and are certainly not representative of the average New Orleanian.

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