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Bienville Double Fully Leased

By Green Coast on 21 Oct 2013

GCE Green Development’s first property, a double at the corner of Bienville and Rochenblave, has finished construction and is fully leased. The two units are the first of many to be developed and leased in the neighborhood, including the 5-unit home next door and another double across the street. By the year’s end, we hope to have 11 units in construction in the area, and are thrilled with the progress we’ve made thus far.

GCE Green Development was created through a partnership between Green Coast Enterprises and Ramsey Green with the mission of aggressively converting blight in high-growth neighborhoods. Together, we are building a portfolio of historic, energy-efficient housing in New Orleans, focusing on blighted and post-Katrina properties. We believe that there is a strong and growing demand for historic rental properties in the area, and have chosen the up-and-coming lower Mid-City neighborhood as the focus for these efforts.

At GCE Green, we maintain a high level of community involvement every step of the way, from construction to leasing. Before beginning construction, the GCE Green principals walked the streets, gathering signatures from neighbors to support the project. When the first unit was leased, a party complete with ice cream cake marked the beginning of a new chapter for the tenants and the neighborhood, giving them a chance to meet the entire Green Coast team. Above all, we are glad to have our vision supported by both our tenants and the surrounding community.

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