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Triple Bottom Line Corner: GCE Services

By Green Coast on 4 Dec 2018

The good news is that GCE Services has always followed the triple bottom line approach “People, Planet and Profit“and for their clients that can mean saving tens of thousands of dollars. more…

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Energy Smart: Innovative program builds local economy and cuts down on utility costs

By Green Coast on 28 Feb 2018

It’s said that you don’t mess with success, but that’s precisely what Entergy New Orleans and the New Orleans City Council did with the Energy Smart program in 2017. And it made the energy program better, providing more incentives and opportunities for significant energy savings. more…

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Determining the (Economic) Value of Nature

By Reuben Teague on 9 Dec 2010

Lately at GCE, we’ve been examining how best to quantify the work we do, particularly the benefits our work generates for the environment. There’s a broader effort out there at capturing the value of nature’s systems more generally, and I think those of us who care about the future of the planet would do well to engage in it. more…

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A few words about the oil spill

By Reuben Teague on 6 May 2010

At GCE, we are deeply saddened by the tremendous damage being done to the Gulf of Mexico and our coast by the millions of gallons of oil being released daily. more…

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