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LGBTNO Community Center Expands Staff and Space

By Green Coast on 19 Dec 2016

LGBT Community Center of New Orleans will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2017 with a larger staff and room for services. more…

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Roulaison Distilling Making Rum: Bottles Available for Sale Soon

By Green Coast on 14 Dec 2016

For Roulaison Distilling owners, Andrew Lohfeld and Patrick Hernandez, this is when the fun begins. After many months of securing permits, setting up the distillery and planning, Lohfeld and Hernandez are finally making rum. It won’t be long before Roulaison Rum will be available for purchase. more…

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Partner Spotlight: Roulaison Distilling

By Green Coast on 20 Jun 2016

It’s one of the most vital ingredients to great rum, and South Louisiana produces some of the most outstanding in the world. For Andrew Lohfeld and Patrick Hernandez, co-founders of Roulaison Distilling, it cemented their plans to move to New Orleans. •One of the draws besides New Orleans vibrant cocktail community is that you can get the best molasses here,” Lohfeld says. more…

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Green Real Estate Benefits Buyers and Sellers

By Green Coast on 20 Jun 2016

More and more New Orleans homebuyers are looking for houses that offer “green features,” accounting for climate change and the city™s heat and humidity. Green homes can be not only more resilient to hurricanes and better for our environment, but also, as Green Coast Realty’s (GCR) Managing Broker Ariana Tipper points out, will save you money. more…

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A great article about a good friend

By Reuben Teague on 4 Mar 2010

Another Echoing Green Fellow, John Thompson, has started a remarkable organization dedicated to helping people who’ve gotten a raw deal from the justice system. more…

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Please vote for our friends at GTECH

By Reuben Teague on 18 Feb 2010

Our friends at GTECH need a few more votes to get over the top in the Pepsi Refresh competition! more…

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