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Employee Spotlight: Andre Eble

By Green Coast on 26 Oct 2018

Andre Eble, GCE Services’ newest green certification associate
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Andre Eble, GCE Services’ newest green certification associate

There are some things you just can’t get out of your system, so why not embrace them? That holds true for Andre Eble, GCE Services’ newest green certification associate.

From a young age, Eble, a Charlotte, North Carolina native, loved New Orleans and construction, and with both of his parents from the city, he spent a significant time visiting here. As a kid, he was fascinated with building things and it’s something his father, an engineer, encouraged.

“I’ve always been doing something with construction and my dad and me built a two-story deck,” Eble says.“And I wired his house when I was 11.”

His brother became an engineer like their father, but Eble decided to take another path, earning a bachelor of art degree with a concentration in digital arts. It didn’t take long, however, for Eble to hit a wall and realize that a career in SEO development would only mean a paycheck. By this time, he had moved to New Orleans and he and his wife, Laura, had bought a house.

“In three years, we’ve built an addition, added a deck, renovated the kitchen and added a master bathroom with a walk-in shower,“Eble says. “It’s been a lot of work.”

It’s also been labor that Eble loves, so when he and his wife sat down to figure out what his passion was, it didn’t take them long to draw a conclusion. He started taking construction management courses at Delgado Community College, and became a manual laborer on the new terminal project in the Louis Armstrong International Airport. While on the job, he found a mentor, who would show Eble the various building plans and how those plans were put in process.

Armed with an associate degree and work experience, Eble joined the GCE team in August. He’s assisted Green Coast project manager, Gina La Macchia, with the St. Louis Street Greenway Apartments, and has been providing support for GCE’s energy audits. Always a student, Eble is also studying to take the HERS (Home Energy Rater) test, and now that he’s found, or rediscovered, his joy, he can’)t seem to get enough.

“I’m loving my new job, especially when I’m on a construction site and watching things being built.”

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