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Employee Spotlight: Building Operations Analyst Brennan Smith

By Green Coast on 19 Dec 2016

GCE Services’ newest building operations analyst, Brennan Smith, is excited about his position.

“It pretty much lines up with what I wanted to do with my degree,” Smith says. “It just took me a while to find a business that was interested in sustainability.”

When he graduated from UC Berkeley with a Bachelor of Arts in sustainable environmental design, he wanted a job where he could make a difference. Raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Smith was accustomed to living in a place that was very energy conscious.

And then he paid a visit to New Orleans. Like many, Smith fell in love with the city, cancelled his return flight, and looked for an apartment and a job. He was surprised that even though the Gulf South has been deeply affected by the environment and climate change, there wasn’t a large concern about creating more sustainable and cost efficient buildings.

Luckily, he found a job with GCE Services. Since joining the team, Smith has been focusing on energy management in local charter schools. GCE will perform a free energy audit on the building, which often reveals potential energy savings and lower monthly utility bills.

“If a school gives us their energy info, we can find out if your building is efficient or can save money,” Smith says. “We use the Energy Star rating system, so it’s a simple number that allows you to compare and contrast with other similar buildings.”

Smith says that there’s a misconception that newer building systems can operate with little upkeep or management.

“It’s not like the thermostat in your house, there™s a lot more involved, but used correctly they can save money and last a long time. GCE Services has a lot of expertise overseeing these complex systems, and in many cases, we’ve saved schools significant money, which they can then spend on education services.•

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