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Employee Spotlight: Project Manager Gina La Macchia

By Green Coast on 5 Oct 2016






Gina La Macchia
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Gina La Macchia

Gina La Macchia puts it succinctly when she describes what she does with Green Coast.

“It’s literally building a building,” La Macchia says.

As project manager, La Macchia focuses exclusively on particular projects and becomes the go-to person for clients, Green Coast partners and those—contractors,architects, construction company, and engineers—working on the project. When a project is being considered, La Macchia will research the building, location, zoning considerations and provide analysis in terms of project’s feasibility. Once a project is underway, La Macchia makes many of the overall decisions and oversees the development:
• Reporting to project funding sources,
• Managing schedules and
• Ensuring the project is running on time and on budget.

“Gina is helping us expand our capacity by building a project manager system where staff can run jobs, with support and oversight from the owner team. This gives us the ability to take on more projects at once, and expand on our mission to create resilient communities in coastal areas threatened by climate change,” says Will Bradshaw, Green Coast Founder and President.

La Macchia started at Green Coast more than three years ago as an intern while she was earning her Master of Science in Sustainable Real Estate from Tulane University. Additionally, she interned with the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, assisting on developing a water management strategy for vacant land.

Recognizing her potential, Bradshaw hired her as special assistant, working on Project Home Again and other development projects. Later, she joined the GCE Services team as a development analyst specializing in tax credits and energy policy.

“I’m lucky that I’ve been able to develop a wide range of skills necessary for being a project manager while working for a company like Green Coast that supports sustainable real estate and adheres to a policy of People, Planet and Profit,” La Macchia says.

La Macchia is currently heading up the historic renovation of a former industrial laundromat on the Laffite Greenway (2606 St. Louis Street), which includes three commercial tenants and 12 market-rate apartments.

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