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Employee Spotlight: Pythian Market Manager Amy Chan

By Green Coast on 6 Feb 2017

Pythian Market Manager Amy Chan
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Pythian Market Manager Amy Chan

When Amy Chan began looking for a new job, she wanted the right opportunity, not just a paycheck. The New Orleans native, who grew up in the restaurant business, feels she’s found that as the new manager of the Pythian Market, the ground floor market that is part of the nine-story Pythian Building’s historic renovation.

“Putting together a great market is challenging, especially in New Orleans,” Chan says. “Our city offers so much incredible food and choices, so a market must reflect that. Luckily, some of the ground work has been laid for the diversity we want to achieve.”

Chan, whose parents founded the first Chinese restaurant in the West Bank in the 1970s, is referring not only to the market’s first three vendors—Frencheeze, Laurel Street Bakery, and La Cocinit—but also to the process that went into selecting them. Green Coast’s market partner, Gigachef, researched and ate at hundreds of the area™s eating establishments, looking at numerous criteria including food quality, service and how a vendor would fit into the market, which will feature 19 vendors.

“I’m really excited to work with Gigachef’s Lisa Brefere. She’s an acclaimed chef and has spent many years directing and curating projects like this,• says Chan, who has served as a Sucre regional manager and director of operations for Dinner Lab. “It’s more than just choosing great places to eat at; we’re trying to create a market that celebrates New Orleans, offers fresh local produce and prepared foods, and becomes a part of the community.”

If that seems like a tall order, Chan is ready for it. She’s already brimming with ideas for possible market additions, and is planning to meet with numerous potential vendors in the coming weeks.

“When you think of great neighborhood eating spots in New Orleans, downtown is hardly ever mentioned,” Chan says. “We want to change that and we’re lucky to have so many incredible culinary talents who want to join us.”

If you are interested in becoming a market vendor, please contact Amy Chan at 504-616-9080, or by email at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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