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Employee Spotlight: Sikeithia Wilson

By Green Coast on 7 Mar 2019

Green Coast HR Director Sikeithia Wilson
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Green Coast HR Director Sikeithia Wilson

When Sikeithia Wilson started as a receptionist for Green Coast almost four years ago, she was looking to slow down a little. She had worked for Hudson News for 14 years, rising through the ranks and traveling frequently to conduct trainings for staff and management. With three children, she wanted a simpler position that allowed her to be close to home without too many responsibilities.

But after a few months with the company, it was clear the new position wasn’t a good fit.

“They told me, ‘you’re not a receptionist. You’re more,’” Wilson says.

Not long afterwards, Wilson moved into the office administrator position, then office manager, and recently Green Coast named her its human resources director. With the Pythian Market opening, the company’s staff has more than quadrupled, and Wilson, who has extensive HR experience and a naturally welcoming demeanor, became the obvious choice.

Wilson handles recruiting and onboarding, so she is often the face of the company for job candidates and new hires. Her interaction with the employee doesn’t end there, and she periodically checks in with staffers for coaching sessions, performance evaluations and to make sure the employee is content. Wilson says she approaches all of these exchanges with a steadfast empathetic philosophy.

“I always begin with dignity, respect and understanding,” Wilson says. “I like to listen to everyone first with compassion, but I am also upfront with people.”

She might not have slowed down, but without the travel demand, she does have more time for her family and she’s happier. She believes very strongly in the Green Coast mission of “Planet, People, Profit,” and she sees it extending beyond just a job.

“I like that I get a sense of doing something good for our community by working here,” Wilson says. “We get a lot of opportunities with our volunteer days, which we’re paid for, such as gutting homes when a disaster strikes. For me, that’s what life is about, isn’t it? Doing things that are bigger than yourself.•

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