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Employee Spotlight: The Pythian’s Brandi Musgrove

By Green Coast on 29 May 2018

Leasing Agent Brandi Musgrove
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Leasing Agent Brandi Musgrove

When Brandi Musgrove thinks about residential buildings, her view includes more than apartment units and convenience; she thinks about community. For Musgrove, who is The Pythian onsite leasing agent, her job doesn’t end when she leases an apartment. She continues to interact with the residents and check in on them.

“Say a person is having a problem their AC,” Musgrove says. “If I see them on the elevator, I’m going to ask about it and make sure they’re comfortable in their apartment. When you’re here everyday in the building, it’s more like family with the residents and my co-workers.”

A New Orleans native, Musgrove got an early start in property management, taking a part time job when she was still in high school. After graduation, she went to work for Daphne Coleman at a large residential complex on the West Bank. When Coleman left to become The Pythian’s building manager, Musgrove followed her mentor and began working for Green Coast and The Pythian in February of this year.

She’s very impressed with the historic multi-use building and how it offers affordable downtown living with a number of amenities. Musgrove points out the gym, 24-hour access to the rooftop with its panoramic views of the city, nearby public transportation and onsite parking, but she thinks the Pythian Market, which will open on May 31st might be the best amenity of all.

“Our residents will have this great place with a wide variety of food choices, and lots of seating, so I think of it as sort of a common area,” Musgrove says. “Plus, it’ll have a bar for happy hour and later in the evening”

The market adds another layer to the sense of neighborhood living within The Pythian, which has a long history of bringing people together. For Musgrove, it comes back to the people who live and work in the building and how that can mean more than just apartments and commercial spaces.

“Our goal is a residential building with a very strong community where everyone knows one another and can depend on each other,” Musgrove says.

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