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Employee Spotlight: Pythian Building Manager Dannielle Small

By Green Coast on 30 Jan 2017

Pythian Building Manager Dannielle Small
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Pythian Building Manager Dannielle Small

When Dannielle Small talks about the Pythian Building, you can tell she sees something greater than just an apartment development. For Small, recently hired as the building manager, the Pythian Building with its rich cultural history offers a chance to build a community.

“My dream is to create a community at the Pythian Building,” Small says. “There will be many amenities including health care, entertainment, the market and the short walking distance to work and other downtown places. These are the types of elements that bring people together and I see our residents engaging with each other and becoming a community.”

Small brings expertise when it comes to establishing community ties. Growing up in Central City with two hardworking parents, she started working in building management in 1999 as a leasing agent and later as a housing case manager. After Hurricane Katrina and the levee failures, she joined Harmony Neighborhood Development as a case manager, transforming renters into homeowners, and also established the Market on LaSalle.

“I fell in love with the notion of helping people to be more self sufficient,” Small says.

The outdoor market became a familiar presence in the neighborhood on Saturdays and Sundays in Central City. Vendors—selling handmade goods, leather merchandise, food and footwear—could rent small pods and sell their goods, often doubling their income. Small would work with the vendors to become legitimate businesses, and, just as importantly, promote the market to draw people into the Central City community.

Small looks forward to recreating some of the Pythian Building™s history as a community nexus. Downtown New Orleans is booming with development, but so far there has been little in terms of offering workforce housing so renters can live near where they work. Small says the Pythian Building will change that equation.

“This building will welcome workforce renters at workforce rates and market rate renters too,” Small says. “New Orleans has always been a city of neighborhoods, and considering all of the elements that we’re creating beyond just housing, I think you will see a renewed community blossoming in the Pythian Building.”

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