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Green Coast Going Forward

By Green Coast on 22 Oct 2013

There have been a lot of changes at Green Coast over the last year. One of our partners and my co-founder, Reuben Teague, has left the firm for an exciting new opportunity in New York City. We have had several key staff members return to graduate school, and replaced them with equally capable team members. We have restructured the company into several distinct but complementary business lines that have opened new opportunities for growth, including putting more resources behind developing buildings for our own account. Most exciting of all, we have completed construction on all four buildings in our Washington and Broad redevelopment, providing offices and retail spaces for over 70 firms, and giving over 100 people a place to come to work each morning. We’re incredibly proud of these accomplishments and the way we have managed this process of change. But we are most proud of what hasn’t changed.

We continue to be a leading voice in green building and energy management for this region, building on a six-year record of excellence and strengthening the services we provide to our clients and communities. We now have the largest database of public and multi-family building performance in the Southeast. We are also the largest provider of Enterprise Green Community certifications, Builder’s Challenge certifications, and Better Buildings Program certified units in the State. We have maintained our industry-leading commitment to triple-bottom line work, measuring social, environmental, and economic impacts of all of our projects, and insisting that investing in the future of our air quality and neighborhoods is just as important as growing our net worth. We continue to be guided by the same commitment to integrity, quality, and partnership that has guided us since we opened our doors. In the next few weeks, we will introduce you to our new team, services, and projects. We look forward to continuing to help this city and region rebuild better than before.

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