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Greening the Green Team

By Green Coast on 7 Mar 2019

Green Coast Team doing a MLK Day of Service at the Lafitte Greenway. 
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Green Coast Team doing a MLK Day of Service at the Lafitte Greenway.

Green Coast has built its reputation as the leading green developer in New Orleans for more than 12 years. Through its projects, services and work with the City of New Orleans, the firm has shown its commitment to using green building practices, assisting other companies in implementing energy-efficiency standards, and advocating for a more sustainable and proactive method to climate change.

For the Green Coast team, however, that isn’t enough.

Composed of Green Coast employees, the Greening Green Coast committee is dedicated to mitigating the effects of climate change through a variety of efforts, and, as committee chair Jared Sessum puts it, “showing we practice what we preach.”

“It’s been a lot of ideas, and activity,” Sessum says.“People sharing ideas, and talking about how can we raise awareness to show how personal actions and business operations impact our environment. On the business side, we’ve been purchasing green products (recycled content, local, fair trade, etc.) for office supplies and building materials/equipment for construction projects.”

With a number of engineers and green experts on the committee, the group is creating a set of measurable goals:

• the number of pounds of waste saved through composting and recycling
• kilowatt hours saved through energy management
• fossil fuel miles saved through biking to work
• and community service hours, which Green Coast pays its employees to take part in.

For last year’s Martin Luther King Day of Service, the Green Coast team spent time working in the Lafitte Greenway weeding a bioswale, which manages stormwater and prevents flooding.

The committee’s work isn’t internally limited, and Sessum says the committee is developing educational workshops for The Pythian residents and commercial tenants, and benchmarking the building’s energy use with an overall goal of LEED certification. Sessum says the committee is taking such multilevel approach, because it is essential that people see the advantages of greener and a more sustainable practices.

“It’s living by our name,” Sessum says. “This has crosscutting benefits for the economy, society and our environment. We can create positive social impact, and we can lead the way by taking action.”

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