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HEY Coffee Co. to Open on Greenway

By Green Coast on 28 Sep 2018

HEY Coffee Co. Coming to the Greenway
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HEY Coffee Co. Coming to the Greenway

Looking for a quick energy boost before or after your morning workout on the Lafitte Greenway?

You won’t have to wait very long. HEY Coffee Co. will be opening a coffee shop and roasting facility in 2606 St. Louis Street, a historical building recently renovated by Green Coast. Owner Tommy LeBlanc, who also operates Hey! Cafe Magazine Street, says that he’ll continue to run the Magazine shop, but that the new location will take over the roasting operation.

“The front of the house will be focused on hospitality, and the roasting will take place in the back,” LeBlanc says.

The shop will also feature a food menu, and eventually would like to sell beer and wine.

“We’ve enjoyed hosting art openings at Hey! Caf (c), and we’d like to host similar openings in the new place and being able to offer beer and wine would add to the ambience,” LeBlanc says. “It would also be great to become a laid back happy hour destination on the Greenway.”

Green Coast project manager Gina La Macchia points out that the shop will offer an insider’s view to the coffee production.

“What’s really cool is that you’ll actually be able to see the roaster from where you’re getting your coffee,” La Macchia says. “This is going to be a great partnership for our two companies.”

Like Green Coast, Hey Coffee Co. is environmentally focused with the current cafe producing less garbage than your average household.

“One of the things I’m most proud of was getting rid of our garbage can,• LeBlanc says. “We compost as much as possible, creating only about three pounds of garbage per day. Everything else makes good dirt.”

Hey Coffee Co. has an ongoing kickstarter to help pay for the costs of the new roaster and other equipment. Supporters can enjoy subscription benefits and other special awards.

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