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Job Opening: Pythian Market General Manager

By Green Coast on 10 Nov 2016

An artist’s rendering of the Pythian Market.
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An artist’s rendering of the Pythian Market.

The Pythian Market
Green Coast Enterprises and Gigachef have partnered to create the Pythian Market. The Pythian Market will house a curated group of New Orleans owned food vendors in a comfortable, stylish space of the newly renovated 234 Loyola Avenue building in New Orleans. Friends, partners, families, and collaborators will come to the Pythian Market for live entertainment, delicious local food, craft spirits, and local small batch wines and beers. It will open in the second quarter of 2017.

The General Manager
We are seeking an exceptional General Manager for the Pythian Market. We expect the General Manager to be a truly General Manager, responsible for all aspects of the Market’s operations, marketing, and finances. The General Manager will have many constituencies to satisfy patrons and guests of the Market, who should be excited by the atmosphere and leave feeling taken care of with New Orleans hospitality; vendors, our partners in the Market who have been chosen for their culinary and hospitality skills; the New Orleans community, because we want to make the market a destination people deliberately seek out; and Green Coast and Gigachef, the principals.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

The General Manager•€(tm)s responsibilities are comprehensive; they include:

  •  Developing and implementing business strategies for the Pythian Market that are aligned with our overall mission, values and goals. Working with the principals to define the Pythian Market Experience.
  •  Leasing the spaces in the market and keeping them filled when there is attrition. A corollary to this is the responsibility to manage vendor relations intensely so that the vendors both contribute to the overall Pythian Market Experience, and are successful.
  •  Delivering the Pythian Market Experience for patrons and guests:
    1.  Creating a service environment designed to be stimulating yet unobtrusive.
    2.  Aligning the service vision with the needs of vendors and owners.
    3.  Providing employees and vendors with the tools and environment they need to deliver the Pythian Market Experience.
    4.  Creating an environment for vendors and staff that aligns with the Pythian Market culture through constant communication and reinforcement.
    5.  Ensuring that the Market delivers the Pythian Market Experience by reviewing daily operations from the customers’ and vendors’ perspectives.

  • Marketing the market by programming events, and finding opportunities to bring people to the market, as well as press and social media outreach.
    1. Keeping current on competitors, both in New Orleans and elsewhere.
  • Overseeing the facility:
    1.  Physical space organization.
    2.  Sanitation practices.
    3.  Quality, presentation, taste, and consistency of food and beverage products.
    4.  Vendors’ responsible alcohol service.
    5.  - Compliance with Market operating procedures.
    6.  Cleanliness and respect for culinary areas.
  • Achieving revenue and profit goals:
    1.  Implementing the sales and marketing plan for the Market.
    2.  Controlling expenses and directing them to the most productive uses.
    3.  Providing formalized monthly operating reports for the principals, as well as continual informal reporting and discussions with them.


Compensation will be commensurate with the size of the job and the experience the General Manager brings to it. It will include incentive compensation for meeting goals, and may lead to opportunities for ownership.

The Principals

Green Coast Enterprises develops real estate and performs a continuum of real estate services focused on urban areas in need of community renewal located in the Southeastern United States, with a special focus on coastal areas threatened by climate change. Our projects are profitable, and they result in economically vital, environmentally superior spaces that are healthy and exciting for their users.

Gigachef is a New York based Food and Beverage consulting company offering a wide scope of expertise and specializing in a laser-focused approach to bring you the desired results quick and accurately. We integrate all the powerful tools of today with solid concept creation resulting in a vision that becomes a successful and profitable working operation. We concentrate in concept curation, facility design, operational oversight, quality control, and financial monitoring in all facets of the hospitality business.

The Pythian Building

The Pythian building is at 234 Loyola Avenue in New Orleans. It is a renovation of a nine-story, 130,000-square-foot building in the Central Business District; it will reopen in the spring, 2017. The building has a storied history: when it was built in 1908 it was said to be the largest undertaking by African Americans until that time; it was for a generation and a half the center of African-American economic and cultural life in New Orleans; later, it became the World War II headquarters of Higgins Industries, the company that built the Higgins Boats that General Eisenhower said “won the war.” (

How to Apply

Applicants should send a cover letter and a resume to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). We will be back in touch with applicants that we are interested in talking to more. We will not respond to confirm receipt of the application, and ask that you do not independently contact our staff to check on status. Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from you.

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