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Partner Spotlight: GCE Services

By Green Coast on 22 Jul 2015

Andrew H. Wilson Charter School saved $50,000 in annual energy costs through GCE Services
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Andrew H. Wilson Charter School saved $50,000 in annual energy costs through GCE Services

New Orleans has been learning from its mistakes. Take storm water management for example. Experts, city leaders and engineers now realize that simply pumping water out and building bigger levees won’t solve the problem; it requires a more integrated and thoughtful approach, accounting for the climate we live in, not shutting it out.

That’s Green Coast partner GCE Services’ process in dealing with the challenging environment of New Orleans and the coastal areas of the Southeast. The results are significant energy savings, more resilient buildings and lower maintenance costs.

“We strive to be the smartest in our field at improving building performance and comfort in a hot and humid climate,” says GCE Services partner Jackie Dadakis. “Our team has many years of experience and is accredited in numerous rating systems, including LEED. Energy Star and Enterprise Green Communities. Greener, healthier and more efficient buildings do not mean higher costs, and we have proven that.”

GCE Services provides expertise in a number of areas including,

  • Green Building Certification: working with clients to ensure a green certification that optimizes compliance, budget and time.
  • Energy Management: specializing in improving building performance, which produces utility cost savings (saving three New Orleans schools more than $200,000), comfortable and satisfied tenants and increases the building’s durability.
  • Historic Tax Credit Consulting: advising building owners and developers on how to strategically use tax credits for redeveloping historical buildings and taking the project through the regulatory phase to completion of the project.

GCE Services realizes that developers, facilities managers and owners expect efficient, low cost and comfortable buildings for occupants. As Dadakis points out, GCE Services uses its expertise to create an individualized strategy that takes into account the environment that we live in, not a one-size fits all.

“Our team has benchmarked every city-owned building in New Orleans and more than 2,000 multi-family units for energy efficiency, so we know that each building has its own needs and strategies for achieving greater efficiency, experiencing less wear and tear and creating more user comfort,” says Dadakis. “This isn’t a single service that comes off the shelf; it is an individualized, coordinated and engineered effort.”

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