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Pythian Building Grand Opening: Please Join Us on 4-7 pm May 12

By Green Coast on 28 Apr 2017

When Green Coast principals Will Bradshaw and Alexander Kelso first walked into the then derelict Pythian Building in 2012, they saw incredible promise through all of the accumulated trash, broken windows and other damage. What they weren’t sure of was how Green Coast would pull of a project of this scale and scope, given its own size and history.

“We immediately fell in love with the Pythian,” Bradshaw says. “And when we began peeling the onion of its rich history, it became almost an obsession. But we knew we’d need to assemble a team to co-develop it. And ultimately, we found our way to ERG Enterprises and Crescent City Community Land Trust, and together we were able to restore this amazing building. It’s been quite a ride already.”

That ride is about to have a brief stop on Friday, May 12 from 4-7 pm, when the Pythian’s three co-developers ERG Enterprises, Crescent City Community Land Trust and Green Coast celebrate the Pythian’s Grand Opening. The ceremony will take place in Duncan Plaza at Gravier Street and Loyola Avenue with a reception following in the Pythian Building.

In some ways this marks the grand re-opening for the Pythian, which was first opened in 1909. At that dedication ceremony, prominent lawyer African American lawyer J. Madison Vance, who later became a delegate at the 1912 Republican National Convention, was a featured speaker and described the building as testament to the “;power of organization and its effects on civilization.”

The tone might not be as formal as the 1909 event, but Kelso points out that the ceremony will celebrate the building™s history, the community and New Orleans culture.

“The Pythian Building will once again be a center of community activity, and we want the dedication to reflect that,” Kelso says. “Some of our speakers include civil rights icons A.P. Tureaud, Jr. and Ruby Sales; Andrew Higgins biographer Jerry Strahan and former Freedom Rider Dodie Smith-Simmons, who is also one of our first tenants. And you can’t have a New Orleans party without music, food and a second line, so we’ll have them all.”

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