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Triple Bottom Line Corner: GCE Services

By Green Coast on 4 Dec 2018

Little fixes can sometimes produce great gains. GCE Services implemented a new HVAC schedule in the Orleans Parish Juvenile Court, and that change means the City will save $75,000 annually on energy bills. With additional changes, the City will double those savings.

GCE Services makes buildings more energy efficient, increases the comfort for people who live or work in a building and reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Having provided these services for more than a decade, however, GCE Services knows that businesses and organizations are looking for more than that. They want to know how it will affect their bottom line.

The good news is that GCE Services has always followed the triple bottom line approach “People, Planet and Profit” and for their clients that can mean saving tens of thousands of dollars.

“We’re definitely considering the planet when we’re looking at projects and how we can assist our clients,” says Joe Ryan, GCE’s Director of Energy Services. “Saving money doesn’t necessarily improve the environment, but when you’re saving energy, you’re saving money and you’re also helping the planet.”

With a staff of energy and green building experts, GCE Services knows what the most cost-effective methods are for reducing energy use, and how to pay for the improvements. Partnering with the Energy Smart program, GCE will perform energy audits of publicly and commercially-owned properties, revealing opportunities for energy savings, and identifying cost effective upgrades, including capital improvements. In turn, Energy Smart will pay entirely for or substantially offset the cost of the improvements.

“We’ve worked with schools, hotels, and many other commercial buildings, and the Energy Smart program is very interested in collaborating with these types of entities because they are such large energy users,” Ryan says. “It’s a win/win for our clients considering the upgrades are paid for, and their utility bills go down.”

For the Juvenile Court, Ryan anticipates having Energy Smart incentivize additional automation system upgrades, and he says this combined with the schedule will net approximately $150,000 in annual savings. Ryan points out that managing our impact on climate change is becoming more of a concern throughout the U.S., and that means more opportunities for companies and nonprofits to save money and reduce their carbon footprint.

“This is just the beginning of intensive energy management and robust energy efficiency programs,” Ryan says. “The two will continue to build off each other and that will result in dramatically lower utility bills, and a reduction in CO2 emissions that mitigates climate change.”

Green Coast’s triple bottom line “People, Planet, Profit” has guided our firm since its founding more than ten years ago. We live and work in New Orleans, so we look for and develop projects that positively impact our friends and neighbors, our environment and make good economic sense. A regular feature, the Triple Bottom Line Corner will showcase these efforts, and demonstrate how this approach benefits our clients, partners and community._

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