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Unlisted: Getting the First Shot at Your Dream House

By Green Coast on 27 Apr 2017

GCR’s Ariana Tipper
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GCR’s Ariana Tipper

Most potential homebuyers experience disappointment before they purchase a house. And usually it goes something like this. You see a house that’s just sold—“a home that has everything you want”—and you’re left wondering how you missed out.

Is there a way to find out about properties before they hit the market?

There is and it’s the brainchild of local radio producer Grant Morris and he’s partnering with Green Coast Realty’s Ariana Tipper. Tipper is hosting a new podcast, UnlistedNOLA, which brings together home sellers and buyers before a property is listed on the MLS database.

“As a broker, I really love Grant’s idea,” says Tipper. “It’s a chance for agents to get their properties in front of the most motivated buyers in the marketplace. It’s not a scattershot like a real estate or a social media listing, because it’s much more direct. I like to think of it as the for buyers and sellers.”

The weekly podcast, which is available online, iTunes and other podcast platforms, will be kicking off on May 3 although there is a pilot show currently available. Morris says the format allows agents to come on the show to talk with Tipper about their property, and he adds that he thoroughly vetted the idea with the Louisiana Real Estate Commission before he brought it to Tipper.

Once a property gets on the show, interested buyers can register online to get in touch the selling agents. Morris says that just like a dating site, if you’re interested, then get off the sidelines and get into the game.

“It’s a chance to get your dream home, but we’re really simply a matchmaker,” says Morris. “All we do is introduce the buyer to the seller. After that, you take it from there.”

For agents interested in coming on the show, check out this FAQ.

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