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We’re NOLA Wise, are you?

By Reuben Teague on 30 Jun 2012

We’ve been really proud to serve as a contractor to the NOLA Wise program, providing quality assurance, workforce development, and other project management services. The program is really ramping up this summer, as lots of people get hit hard by their utility bills and look for a comprehensive solution to save money and make their homes more comfortable. Here’s a video that we recently showed to the New Orleans City Council to accompany a presentation about the program. Watch the video and call 504-523-WISE to set up your home performance evaluation (only $35!).

Energy efficiency is truly the low-hanging fruit to reduce our individual and collective dependence on fossil fuels. NOLA Wise can help you get the most out of your home, reduce your environmental footprint, and save you money. What are you waiting for?

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