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3 Potato 4 Comes to Broadmoor

1 Jan 2014

With a shift towards healthy, local eating on the horizon, the Crescent City is becoming more vegan friendly. Now, New Orleans has its own 3 Potato 4, (2727 S. Broad Avenue), the tater franchise that takes the grease out of comfort food. The restaurant serves the versatile starch baked, in a compostable snack cone.

First, diners choose whether they would like wedge, red or sweet potato, and they pick one of three sizes. Then, there are 17 different toppings and a variety of “vegannaise” and fancy ketchups to select. There is also a salting station with a variety of flavored salts to shake over the snacks.

After a few months at the Broadmoor spot, vegan activist, NOLA Veggie Fest Founder and owner Jehan Strouse said that she and her staff haven’t gained a pound.

“Our potatoes are baked in a convection oven. We’ve been eating potatoes every day and none of us have gained any weight” said Strouse, touting the benefits oil free eating.

The vegan, gluten-free fast food restaurant also aims to be “zero trash,” said Strouse.

“Our soup to-go containers are made from potatoes, as are our new 2-ounce souffle cups,” said Strouse. “We also recycle glass.” Find out more at their website.

Toppings include Chinese firecracker ketchup, vegan bacon bits, chipotle, pesto and curry.

The restauarant also offers a new three-bean chili, as well as chocolate dipped frozen bananas for dessert.

“People that live here will tell you that being vegan is a lot easier than it was five years ago,” said Strouse.

Of course, there are a variety of new age beverages to select. NoDef does not recommend the kombucha root beer. The food, however, is worth a visit.

3 Potato 4 is open seven days a week, from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. They are closed for New Year’s Day.