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Green Project Becomes Reality In Broadmoor

26 Apr 2012

A long-awaited dream of leaders in Broadmoor is finally coming to fruition as a green project is set to be developed at Washington Avenue and South Broad Street.

Broadmoor leaders said they hope the new development will be an eye-opener for the Crescent City.

On Wednesday, the New Orleans Redevelopment Authority and Green Coast Enterprises broke ground on Community Green, an $8.7 million project.

“It’s a model that could sustain the growth and well-being of our communities,” said Latoya Cantrell, president of the Broadmoor Improvement Association.

A social entrepreneurship hub for budding businesses is also included in the plans.

“For people who don’t know who social entrepreneurs are, basically they are individuals with innovative solutions to societal and environmental challenges, and they measure success on social impact,” said Andrea Chen, of Social Entrepreneurs of New Orleans.

The South Broad Community Health Clinic will be housed in a building donated by NORA.

Community organizers said the development was a no-brainer, not only because Washington Avenue and South Broad Street are a crossroads of the community but also because the five surrounding areas were medically underserved.

“67.8 percent of the people suffer from chronic illness, and when we looked at that same demographic and asked, ‘Where do you go for quality health care?’ over 45 percent say the emergency room,” Cantrell said.

City leaders said they’re proud of the public-private partnership.

“I firmly believe that this is what the government should do,” said New Orleans councilwoman Stacy Head. “We should spur private investment, make sure it has the tools it needs and then move out of the way.”

“Our investment of $750,000 in this project through our commercial corridor funds, in this case, is truly transformational,” said the head of NORA, Jeff Hebert.

Organizers said the project, anchored by the nearby Wilson School, newly-opened Keller Library and Green Dot Cafe, will be a compliment to the education corridor.

The clinic is expected to be completed by the end of the year.