City of New Orleans Benchmarking

New Orleans

Project Overview

In 2014, the City of New Orleans has appropriated $800,000 for rising utility costs. GCE Services set out to show city government that they can save at least this much on their utility bills through energy efficiency measures. Through a project funded by a grant from the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), GCE Services was responsible for benchmarking all city-owned buildings for energy efficiency, including fire stations, police stations, libraries, and recreation centers.

Going forward, we have enabled the City of New Orleans to track their utility expenditures so that officials can make more informed decisions about capital investment. Whether this means providing departmental incentive programs or becoming a DOE BetterBuildings Challenge Partner, the City of New Orleans is poised to become a pioneer in energy efficiency for the Southeast.

Green Coast’s Role

GCE Services partnered with Wegowise to benchmark 92 city-owned buildings, and performed diagnostic walk-throughs of fifteen of those buildings. In addition to audit summary reports, we produced a comprehensive index of city-owned buildings to help city government keep track of its infrastructure resources and costs.

Vital Statistics

  • 92 city-owned buildings benchmarked
  • 15 city-owned buildings audited


  • City of New Orleans
  • Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
  • Wegowise

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