City of New Orleans Energy Efficiency Pilot

New Orleans

Project Overview

In 2014, the City of New Orleans appropriated $800,000 for rising utility costs. GCE Services set out to show city government that they can save at least this much on their utility bills through energy efficiency measures. After benchmarking 92 city-owned buildings, we have identified numerous facilities across every city department that would benefit from hands-on energy management. We selected two of these buildings, Joe Brown Recreation Center and Robert Smith Library, for a pilot project to test whether a substantial amount of energy and money can be saved in a short period of time.

Green Coast’s Role

GCE Services installed monitoring equipment in both buildings to track their energy use in real-time, giving us a better picture of when energy is wasted. We also altered equipment function, schedules, and setpoints to both decrease energy use and improve comfort. To back up our work, we have produced several reports for the City identifying outstanding issues and tracking the buildings’ energy use and savings.

Vital Statistics

  • 2 city-owned buildings managed for energy efficiency
  • 6 months of energy efficiency services
  • Whole-building energy data

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