GCE Green Development

GCE Green

GCE Green Development, a partnership between Green Coast Enterprises and Ramsey Green, is committed to building a portfolio of historic, energy efficient housing in New Orleans with a strong focus on restoring blighted buildings. We believe there are substantial financial, social and environmental gains from this type of development. Thus far, the company has 35 units leased or under construction.

The Approach

  • Identify historic neighborhoods that could benefit from public and private infrastructure investments
  • Cluster infrastructure investments to create a synergistic effect on neighborhood development
  • Leverage historic tax credits to rehabilitate homes in a historically appropriate manner
  • Introduce energy efficiency and sustainability features to improve comfort and reduce management expenses
  • Manage units intensely to ensure tenant satisfaction and sustain long-term value

Bienville Project (11 units)

GCE Green Development’s first project is the renovation of eleven units in four buildings on the 2400-block of Bienville Street in lower Mid-City. The project site is only two blocks from the new Veterans’ Administration Hospital on Canal Street, and is also close to the Fresh Market project on the corner of Bienville and Broad Streets. We aim to renovate both properties to preserve the historic character of the architecture while simultaneously improving energy efficiency.

Through this project, we hope to turn blighted properties into sustainable workforce housing, renovated to meet the intended historical design of the structures. We believe that the Bienville Street corridor has a bright future and are excited to help redevelop this neighborhood.

Before starting construction, we walked the streets around the project to meet the neighbors and update them on the changes to expect. The neighbors we talked to were unanimous in encouraging the project. All of the units are now leased and occupied.

Gentilly Project (12 Units)

GCE Green’s second project was the renovation of 12 units between three buildings at the corner of Gentilly Boulevard and Aubry Street. This project is across the street from the Fairgrounds Race Course, which is also the site of New Orleans’ popular Jazz Fest. It is also adjacent to the beautiful Bayou St. John neighborhood.

Esplanade Project (10 Units)

The company’s third project is the renovation of one 10-unit building near the corner of Esplanade Avenue and Claiborne Avenue. The building sits on the edge of the Treme neighborhood, next to Joseph Clark High School. The apartments are planned to become higher end rental units.