GCE Services

GCE Services

Green Building Certification


GCE Services can help tailor your building development to meet the green certification standard that is best for you. We specialize in the rating systems below.

  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) – We have 2 LEED Accredited Professionals (APs) on staff and experience working with large-scale certification projects in Louisiana.
  • Energy Star – We are the leading local expert in Energy Star version 3.0.
  • Enterprise Green Communities (EGC) – We have certified over 350 single family homes and more than 550 multi-family units, and have served as the Technical Assistance Provider to the Neighborhood Stabilization Program.
  • National Green Building Standard (NGBS) – We have added an accredited NGBS energy rater to our staff as we have expanded our footprint beyond Louisiana to Mississippi and Alabama.

Providing Additional Value

In our certification projects, we provide energy models to determine optimal points for compliance, timeline and budget. We also provide three milestone reviews to keep the project on track, and submittal reviews to ensure optimal efficiency in everything from HVAC to faucets. We provide construction oversight, including regular site visits to ensure compliance, as well as ongoing measurement and verification to track and maintain savings well into the future.

Historic Tax Credit Consulting

GCE Services acts as an advisor to owners and developers of historic structures primed for redevelopment and those who plan to use state and/or federal incentives to finance rehabilitation projects.

Additionally, GCE Services can provide plan overview, construction management, and green certification during pre-development and construction phases. Our team can guide your project through the regulatory process to successfully create a better building.


  • Lower Central Business District Expansion (Boundary Increase II)
  • 11 units along Bienville Avenue
  • 3354-56 Dumaine Street
  • South Broad Community Health Clinic (3300 South Broad Street)
  • 234 Loyola Avenue


  • Feasibility Analysis
  • State and Federal Historic Tax Credit Applications
  • National Register (Federal Historic District Expansion, Individual Listing)
  • Louisiana Cultural District
  • Construction Management
  • Green Certifications (see above)
  • Placing Credits


  • 2014 Recipient of Novogradac’s Financial Innovation Historic Rehabilitation Award – Community Greens at Washington and Broad
  • 2014 Recipient Louisiana Landmarks Society Award – Community Greens at Washington and Broad

Energy Management

GCE Services specializes in improving building performance in the hot, humid climate of the Southeast. With over 50 years of combined experience, the team identifies actionable measures that property managers can take to reduce utility expenditures and improve comfort.

The Problem

Many buildings in the Southeast are managed poorly, especially with regard to indoor temperature and humidity. As a result, these inefficiencies:

  • Increase utility costs
  • Decrease building durability
  • Impact occupant health and comfort

The GCE Services team is composed of experts that have verified actual savings on projects in the hot and humid climate. Experience shows that verified savings on projects managed by GCE Services are several times greater than those predicted by national efficiency standards and that the same measures result in quicker paybacks compared to other regions. The key to our approach is properly dealing with humidity and time-of-day usage in buildings.

The Process

  • Benchmark against historical data and comparable buildings
  • Audit inefficiencies and draft recommendations
  • Manage construction to ensure quality and performance
  • Verify results through modeling and continuous monitoring

The Solution

We have seen over $200,000 in savings at three schools over the past year. This reduction occurred almost immediately through operational changes to existing systems, resulting in an average monthly savings of $5,000 per school. Other results include improved comfort and reduced wear-and-tear on equipment, resulting in avoided large capital costs.

Past and current clients include KIPP New Orleans Schools, Firstline Schools, ReNEW Schools, Choice Foundation Schools, HRI Properties, Volunteers of America, Providence Community Housing, New Orleans Redevelopment Authority, and Project Home Again.

Our team has also benchmarked every city-owned building in New Orleans and over 2,000 multi-family units for energy efficiency, while also overseeing retrofits on roughly 300 units. We are continuously developing relationships with portfolio owners, improving our knowledge of the region, and transforming the market for the long term.