Green Coast Realty

Green Coast Realty

At Green Coast Realty the status quo isn’t good enough. A traditional approach to real estate fails to address many of today’s challenges in the New Orleans metro area: decaying, vulnerable and energy-deficient houses, aging and costly building systems, and how to preserve our unique architecture while also improving it. Award-winning broker and Green Coast Enterprises (Green Coast) partner, Greta Garner sees these challenges not as barriers but as opportunities.

“First and foremost, Green Coast Realty is a real estate brokerage. We work with buyers and sellers in their purchases and sales. We represent landlords and offer management services as well as representing commercial clients in sales and leasing” says Garner, a recent winner of the Green Lease Leader Award from the Department of Energy. “We understand the evolution of today’s marketplace with buyers, sellers and tenants focused on healthy living and a more sustainable lifestyle.”

Green Coast Realty shares that focus.

Today’s buyers want and should expect their new home will be resilient, energy-efficient and economical on a monthly basis. The Green Coast Realty team can make that expectation a reality, and Garner points out that these improvements do not require aesthetics taking a back seat.

“It’s your home, or your business, and you want it to be beautiful and so do we,” Garner says. “There’s no reason to sacrifice beauty for a greener more efficient property.”

Green Coast Realty understands the importance of looking towards the future. They are continually learning about sustainable practices and modern technology, so they can encourage and support their clients, who desire walkability, energy efficiency, air quality, sustainable building practices and environmental awareness.

Green Coast Realty also oversees the property management and tenancy for parent company, Green Coast. When Green Coast develops new properties or restores older buildings, they place efficiency, durability, resiliency, economic benefit, comfort, and aesthetic appeal at the top of their list. This results in minimized operating costs and spaces that people enjoy living and working in.

“I am very proud to be a Green Coast partner, because we’re a company always focused on making things better,” Garner says. “Better for our clients, our community, and our environment. No one knows more than New Orleanians that our world is changing and we need to adapt to that. My team and I will work with you to find a property that will fit your needs now and in the years to come.” Visit our website here.