Frank Burkhardt

Frank Burkhardt

Senior Project Manager

Frank works as the team project manager for GCE Green Development, managing residential renovations and overseeing property maintenance.

Before joining GCE Green, Frank worked for a mechanical contractor, building schools, hospitals and other large public buildings for three years in Baltimore, Maryland. He then became a general contractor, working with real estate investors to complete over 30 home renovations.

Frank arrived in New Orleans immediately following Hurricane Katrina to volunteer for disaster recovery efforts. While in the city, he connected with several local community groups and made numerous subsequent trips to organize and mobilize hundreds of volunteers. He also assisted homeowners facing hardships to help assess their construction needs. As a result of his time spent in New Orleans, he fell in love with the city and moved his family there at the end of 2006.

Once in New Orleans, Frank began purchasing property to renovate for sale or rent while also helping homeowners in the Broadmoor neighborhood with their own renovations. He then partnered with various real estate investors on both commercial and residential projects, putting over 40 homes back into the local housing market.